How To Keep Conversations Flowing: Tips For Talking To Women You Just Met Online

How To Keep Conversations Flowing

You have joined an online dating website and you just got a response from that cute girl you are interested in. You start the conversation with the typical introductions and small talk. So, .now what? Now you want to know more about her silly! How do I do that, you ask? Follow these simple tips to keep her interested in you and you will leave her wanting more.

Tips on Talking to Women

For all the ways to get women interested in you, the first to remember is COMPLIMENT her. You can start with something about her on profile picture or she wrote in her bio. Remember what it was that drew you to her in the first place. Tell her what that was, lured your interest to her. Women love a compliment regardless of what we may say. It makes us feel good about ourselves and keeps us yearning for more. Let her know what you find attractive or appealing. There is always some feature you can focus on like her eyes, smile or something she wrote that revealed her wit or sense of humor. You can elaborate from there. This will keep the conversation flirty and light as it should be.

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Ask Questions!

You can continue the online flirting by asking questions. Ask her what her interests are. What does she do in her spare time for fun? Asking general non-invasive questions will give you a good idea of what makes her tick. Don’t make it seem like you are drilling her for information. Definitely don’t shoot off multiple questions without a proper response. Give her a moment to answer if she chooses. If she declines to answer you can move on to another question she may be more inclined to answer. Again, the purpose of questions is to keep the conversation flowing at a comfortable pace and, give you the chance to get to know her better. This in turn will give you an idea of what type of relationship you want from her… if any. Although it has been said that opposites attract, you want to look for that common thread that will keep the spark alive.

Please pay ATTENTION to her responses! Do not ask a question while texting your friends, tweeting about something unimportant, or engaged in other external activities. Read carefully through what she is saying and interject comments such as “Oh you like to ski? So do I. Where do you ski?” Pretty much any positive response will do. Your main purpose is to let her know she is the center of your focus at this very moment. Additionally, showing interest affords a more intimate flavor to the conversation.

Sharing personal information will make it seem less like an inquisition

Share things about yourself. Now that you have prodded and probed into her life, it’s time to turn the table whether asked or not. Tell her about your passions, what drives you (and keep it honest).Try not to embellish as tempting as it may be. The worst thing you can do is paint a picture of inaccuracies that may come back to bite you. Especially if you intend meet her in person one day. Maybe send a selfie to make her laugh or one that would arouse her curiosity. Steer clear of conversation busters. What I mean by that is don’t talk about purely “guy” things unless she shares the same interest as yours, such as, your hometown sports team. Another tip: If you are sitting around in your boxers having a beer probably best not to tell her until you get to know her better.

Talk about your favorite movies and why they are your fav’s. Then ask her about hers. Similarly, you can discuss books, articles or even current events. A word of caution here; don’t discuss politics or religion unless you are certain she is in total agreement with you on these delicate matters.

Music makes the world go round

An almost sure fire conversation engager is music. Who doesn’t like music, unless you are a soulless drone. In which case cut your loses and move on to the next hot honey. Music can set the mood for almost any situation. Tell her about the concerts you have attended or clubs you frequent (for the bands of course). Are you a rocker, cruner, soulful or some other rhythm kind of guy. Let her know why you are into this or this type of genre. Shake that booty a bit boy…sharing is caring to us girls.

Know when it’s time to end the conversation

All good things must come to an end. Know when the conversation seems to waning and or interest appears to be fading off. You don’t want to overstay your welcome. Be cognisant of the tempo and end it on a positive note. Let her know much you enjoyed chatting with her. Throw in a complement of two for good measure. Ask if she would be interested in continuing again at a later date (like tomorrow) or maybe set up a meet and greet with her at her favorite restaurant, coffee house or club if feasible.

Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Engaging conversation isn’t a life or death situation! Don’t take it so seriously. If there is a slight lull in the conversation don’t sweat it. Relax and be yourself. She may turn out to be the women of your dreams or she may not. Enjoy the experience of it all.

Final Thoughts

These are a few ideas to get and keep things going with your online date. If you are looking for more information visit chatting with women online.