4 steps to finding out if your long distance partner is cheating on you

long distance affairLong Distance Affair

Long Distance Relationship — Do They Seem Extra Distant?

If you’re living in Jacksonville and your romantic partner is living in another distant place, such as Boston, Rome, or Hong Kong, then you understand all that comes with being in a dedicated long term relationship. This is by no means an easy situation to be in — most people, when in relationships, have the option of seeing their loved one whenever they want to. You, however, have to resort to long text and phone conversations, with maybe 4 or 5 times in a year that you can actually see your partner in the flesh. Long distance relationships are inherently challenging situations to be in, especially when one of the partners might be cheating. Cheating signs are already so hard to notice in normal relationships, but they’re especially difficult in long distance ones. However, the infidelity signs will still be there if you look closely enough. For instance, if you have a set communication schedule with your partner, and they suddenly seem to be skipping out on your phone calls and face times, they might be busy spending physical time with someone else in their area.

Find Out If Your Long Distance Partner is Having a Long Distance Affair

It’s important to find out if your long distance partner is having a long distance affair. We only have a limited amount of time in this life, and it’s never ideal to waste any of that time in a long distance relationship where you’re being cheated on. Although it will be difficult, it’s important to find out if your long distance partner is cheating on you, so you can effectively break the relationship off and move on from it.

Cheating in a Long Distance Relationship — Use Social Media

These days, all cheaters use social media in one way or another when it comes to finding people to cheat with. Consider that your cheating long distance partner might be blatantly using their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram in order to find their mister or mistress. If they are, and you happen to find out about it, then you can actually pat yourself on the back, because you’ve just confirmed that your partner is a cheating liar, and there’s no longer any need to waste time in the relationship anymore. Of course, depending on how much you loved this person, moving on will be difficult. At least you can find comfort in knowing that you’ll be moving onto something better.

Ask the Proper Cheating Questions

It’s rarely a good idea to blatantly ask your long distance partner if they’re cheating on you, because they likely will tell you lie. However, it’s still important to ask subtle, general cheating questions, and gauge their fidelity based on their answers. Find your inner psychologist and determine their cheating ways from the answers they give you.

Finding Out Won’t be Easy

In most cases, finding out if your long distance partner is cheating won’t be easy for you. In fact, it can be almost impossible, since you’re never even around them. The best you can do is follow the guidelines we’ve laid out here, and keep your eyes and ears open for anything suspicious. Only time will tell if you are being cheated on, and I surely hope that you are not.