5 signs of a cheating wife

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A Cheating Wife is a Lying Wife

Want to know if your Detroit wife is cheating on you? Well, sometimes it’s as simple as determining whether or not she’s lying to you. Even white lies will count in this regard. All cheaters are liars to some degree, and their cheating ways can potentially be exposed by the lies they tell. For instance, if your wife says that she just went out to the bakery in order to get a loaf of bread, but she comes back home with some bread that was clearly bought from the supermarket, this might be a sign that she met her lover in the supermarket for a quick meetup. You can never be too sure of what a woman is up to when she’s not around you. What you can be sure of is that if you catch her lying about one thing, chances are she’s lying about something else that you haven’t uncovered yet.

She is Never Home

Of course, your wife might just be a busy lady with a lot of work and social obligations outside of the house. Then again, she might be a stay at home mom without a plethora of reasons to be constantly absent from the home. In any case, if your wife is becoming more and more absent from the house as time progresses, it might be a sign that she’s using all or most of that time to have sex with her lover. It’s unfortunately almost impossible to determine a woman’s infidelity from the mere fact of her prolonged absence alone; however, a prolonged absence combined with other telltale signs might be an indicator that it’s time to have a nice, long chat with your wife.

She is Acting Weird

Is your woman acting weird? Or, has she started acting strangely normal despite her being inherently weird? Either way, a noticeable change in behavior is a potential red flag that might indicate a cheating partner. It’s important not to jump to conclusions, as strange behavior can be derived from several external factors. However, in my experience, all it takes is one long look into a woman’s eye to know if she is truly faithful to you or not. The eyes are windows into the soul, and they’ll reveal her guilt to you if you look deeply enough.

She is Always on the Phone

This is a blatant one, and most women who cheat are cunning enough not to be on the phone with their lovers in front of their husbands. However, I was once cheated on by a woman who actually had the nerve to have long, flirtatious conversations with men while she was in the kitchen and I was in the living room. In the end, I thanked her for being so obvious about her infidelity because she saved me the time I would have spent in paranoia. However, it was still painful for me to go through. If you happen to notice that your woman is a little flirtatious with someone she keeps talking to on the phone, it might be time to act on your suspicions.

Signs of an Affair — Impossible to Ignore

In retrospect, it becomes clear that signs of an affair are extremely obvious. It’s unfortunate that this only becomes clear when we look back on it, but that is just the reality of the situation. You can use this to your advantage — realize that there may be tangible evidence that she’s cheating on you, and act on that evidence as soon as possible. It’s hard to have your heart broken, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to move on to better things in life.